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Apache Spark Components CheatSheet

Troubled by confusing concepts such as Executors, Node, RDD, Task in spark? Invest just 2 minutes of your time to make some order in this mess!

I'll clean up these apache spark concepts for you!

Spark building blocks: executor,tasks,cache,sparkcontext,cluster manager

Executor => Multiple Tasks: is a JVM process sitting on all nodes.  Executors receive tasks (jars with your code) deserialize it, and run it as a task.

Executors utilize cache so that the tasks can run faster.

Node => Multiple Executors: Each node has multiple executors.

RDD => Big DataStructure: Its main strength is that it represents data which cannot be stored on a single machine, so its data is distributed, partitioned, split across computers.

Input => RDD: Every RDD is born out of some input like a text file, hadoop files etc.

Output => RDD: The output of functions in spark can produce an RDD.  So it's like one function after another each receives an input RDD and outputs an output RDD, it's functional.

RDD[Type, Type] : RDD's are typed, they are data of a certain type.

RDD => 1,2,3: RDD's are ordered.

RDD => Zzzz: RDD's are lazily evaluated.  We said functional, didn't we? so you have multiple transformations on your data and only when you hit an action you need the actual data.

RDD => Partitioned: RDD's are partitioned between servers, we said it's big data so we need to partition it.

RDD => Array(thing1, thing2, thing3) : You can think of RDD's as a bunch of things.

Guys if you have any other mess and want me to cheatsheet something for you just comment below, also I would highly appreciate any comment's about this post please feedback me!


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