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Security Primer Part 1

SSL TLS PKI Primer Part 1 The first browser In 1995 Netscape corporation has started developing the first browser - Netscape. It would later become Firefox. They clearly understood that when you browse the internet, then, if the browsing is not secured you (and them) are going to be in big trouble, just think of it, people would steal your credit card, your details make orders on your name, read your personal mail. So a security solution is required, they hired a great guy (PhD) and he figured out he should create a new security protocol, namely the SSL!. The rebirth of security So this guy has come with the SSL protocol, this was, because they figured out nobody is going to trust this browser unless it's really secured. This doctor created the framework and protocol for the security of this browser, this was actually the birth and development of the excellent security protocol - the SSL. Privacy, Integrity, it’s all there! Security means many things. Privacy f